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Case Studies

Wealth Advisory Firm

A personal wealth advisory firm wanted to get more involved in the community through philanthropy. There are so many charitable organizations working for good causes that finding the right ones to support seemed a daunting process for the staff.

After endless discussions with friends and business acquaintances, as well as countless hours of searching the internet, the office nearly gave up. John Evans, a director at Truepoint, commented “We thought that it was a hopeless process.”

Debbie learned of Truepoint’s frustrations and offered to meet with the office to address their concerns and provide much-needed guidance to get back on track with their desired philanthropy.

Her direction led Truepoint to mobilize around the right things — what was meaningful to them — and, as a result, over 65% of the office is now actively participating in charities.

Healthcare Company

A local healthcare organization recently merged with another organization. The new owners recognized that there was a culture clash between the staff of the original business and the staff of the newly acquired company.

They needed to identify ways in which to merge the two cultures. To accomplish this, they worked with Sam Woollard to create a philanthropy program that incorporated volunteerism and fundraising for healthcare and older adult organizations. Sam helped create the infrastructure for this to happen which included: policies and procedures, forms for capturing data, roles for participants, and tools to evaluate success.

The owners were so pleased with the initial results of both increased employee satisfaction and money raised for causes that they invested company dollars in the chosen projects, not part of the original intent. The project has continued to grow and is now an integral part of the corporate culture.

“As I started getting rich, I started thinking, ‘what the hell am I going to do with all this money?’ … you have to learn to give.”  

Ted Turner