What We Do

All we have to offer… Yours for the taking!

What We Can Do For You


  • Develop philanthropic purpose (vision, mission, values, goals)
  • Create strategic giving plans
  • Research and analyze community issues
  • Educate about society’s issues


  • Share best practices
  • Facilitate strategic philanthropy planning
  • Coordinate group or team meetings
  • Leverage other community resources
  • Evaluate philanthropic allocation, performance and impact


  • Design and implement philanthropic initiatives
  • Run and manage the grant process
  • Develop communication strategy to highlight your commitment to the community

Creating Meaningful Philanthropic Connections.

  • We specialize in helping you translate your values into effective action, whether through money, volunteers, or donated product or service, toward the areas in the community you most want to impact, ultimately for maximum effect on society and your bottom line.
  • While we have a philanthropy model we use to guide us through this strategic initiative, we customize each engagement to your unique needs so that you have the most rewarding philanthropic experience for you.
  • These services can be provided as a one-time planning effort with you taking charge of making it happen or as a retainer arrangement where Successful Giving will provide on-going support. We offer individual consultation, group facilitation, training or workshops.

“Giving away money is easy.  Deciding whom to give it, how much, when and how, is not.”